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The Never Dying Fashion of Black Dresses

Every woman most likely has in her closet one or more versions of the classic Black Dress. It is versatile for many reasons. Firstly, because black itself is a slimming and versatile shade and can be worn to business meetings, social outings to either casual or fancy restaurants, as well as to more melancholy events such as funerals or wakes. Because of this versatility, it is useful to find a Black Dress if you do not have one already. One of the first questions you may ask is what style of dress should I look for?

It is widely accepted that the less related to current cultural fashion the dress is, the more versatile it will be in the future. For instance, if the current trend is to wear clothes with lots of glitz and glam such as rhinestones and studs, it may not be a good idea to get a Black Dress with these features. Chances are, in five years the trend will be different and your dress will be out of date. If you find one that is simple, works well with your body, and is an appropriate length for both casual outings as well as more professional business meetings, then you will be able to wear it for the years to come. The next question you may ask is, should I get a long or short Black Dress?

Long Black Dresses come in a variety of styles and materials. Some are cut very low at the top which be wonderful for going on a date, but less appropriate for a business meeting, so it may be wise to find one that falls somewhere in the middle. It is good to find one that you can comfortably walk in, with modest slits in the side to allow for the greatest possible movement while still being appropriately covered. If you are looking for a long Black Dress for a specific occasion rather than for versatility’s sake, then your options for style open up and you can get one with all the frills and well-placed holes that you want to accentuate your body in all the right ways.

Short Black Dresses also come in a variety of styles. Some have ruffles, some are halter-top, and some have holes that run the length of the dress to expose certain areas of skin. Again, if you are looking for a short Black Dress in order to have a versatile piece of clothing, then avoid one with lots of holes or a low-cut neckline and stick with something more basic. If you already have a basic Black wear and want to find one for style’s sake, then you can do whatever you want, the choice is yours!

Modest Clothing for Today’s Fashionable

The way the media presents women and fashion, one might think that there is an inherent contradiction between being both fashionably trendy and modest at the same time. Many women, both young and mature, seek to have fun with fashion and express themselves as the modern women they are while staying true to their personal convictions of modesty and femininity. Today’s women do not have to compromise either desire nor do they have to blow their budgets to get the high design looks they love to wear.

Modest clothing is not about looking frumpy or wearing out-of-date fashions. It’s about cute tops, fun prints creatively and stylishly mixed and layered, fun and flirty bows and ruffles, and sparkling accessories. It’s about enjoying the best of today’s fashion trends and making them your own to express your joy in being a unique individual. It’s about attracting the attention you want to attract in the way you want to attract it. It’s young and hip, modern and professional, making a statement of quality and style.

Savvy fashion and cost-conscious women create designer looks with popular branded pieces reflecting the newest trends in high fashion and high quality at affordable prices. Blending discount priced fashions and accessories with higher priced wardrobe staples offer a refined designer style without the designer prices. Mix and match layering of tops, bottoms, and modest dresses in the season’s trendiest colors, prints, and styles allows a few pieces to go a long way to suit any occasion from school, to work, to church, casual to evening for a complete, affordable and fashionable wardrobe.